Before American Christians complain, we should first think of the country of Haiti.

When our car doesn’t start and we have to get a jump,
we should be happy to have a car.

When our screaming baby wakes us in the middle of the night,
we should be thrilled that we have the means to soothe that sweet baby and provide for his needs.

When our hot water runs out before we were ready to get out of the shower,
we should choose to be glad about having water at all.

When we get cut off or honked at while driving,
we should think of what it would be like not to have a road to drive on.

When the refrigerator light bulb goes out,
we should think of the blessing it is to have a place to store food.

When we have been waiting at the doctor’s office for hours,
we should be thrilled to have a waiting room to sit in, not to mention medical care.

When our restaurant order is incorrect,
we should be grateful for good, hot food.

When our hearts are unthankful about any circumstance in our lives,
we should remember that there is always someone who is in a worse situation…

right now that “someone” lives in Haiti.

Psalm 34:1  overwhelmed me this week:

“I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

At all times. Continually.

Challenging, isn’t it?