The opening illustration of the book is quite personal, as the author thinks of herself as a child on a swing, being pushed by her mother higher and higher. Oh, how she loved to go so high! One day at the park through unforeseen circumstances, the neighborhood bully began to push her on the swing. He wasn’t pushing her any higher than she had gone before, yet she was terrified. It wasn’t about the swing or the experience. It was completely and totally about WHO was pushing. This is defined as trust and is what I felt to be the foundational premise for the book.

Sheila Walsh provides twelve chapters with topics such as fear, pain, and darkness; then gives us a Biblical glimpse of how God turns them into courage, prayer, and vision. A few of the Bible characters discussed in the book are Moses, Gideon, Joseph, and Abraham. The author outlines how each character’s trust in God or lack of was displayed in their lives through different avenues and circumstances and then God’s revelation of beauty in their walks with Him is unfolded.

My favorite quote: “We don’t always see it, are tempted not to trust it, but the fact remains that God is always making a way for you that’s according to His grand plan.”   This book spoke to me personally on so many levels.  I loved every minute of reading it.

In the conclusion, the author returns to her example of the swing and lists some amazing insights.   I’ll not list them here; you need to read the book!

Disclosure: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program.