Training for a half marathon is a gradual build. I started at the first of the year at rock bottom for my second half marathon. Matt and I are running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville on April 24, 2010. There’s no turning back; we’ve committed to “Celebrating 13 Years in 13 Miles.” All for our sweet girl, Taylor, who has a rare lysosomal storage disorder, MPSIIIB. Click here to get the scoop on how to help.

Last Saturday, I did my first five miler. Seems far, but really, it’s not. While I was running, I thought about the first five years of Taylor’s life. She is such a cutie! Back then, she could talk and oh my, did she ever talk. She had an eagle eye for McDonald’s like no one’s business. We could be on an isolated highway and way in the distance, an exit with a mile high sign, “McDonald’s.” Taylor always saw the sign way before Matt or me. “I wan’ a happy meal,” she would happily declare. “I wan’ a cheesehammer (cheeseburger), finch fie, and spite.” Half the time we wouldn’t even see anything, but her vision was beyond ours because of the passion she had for McDonald’s.

As I was running those five miles, the thought occurred to me of how much God wants to use us as His precious children. We may think we are on an isolated highway, but He knows where McDonald’s is! We might not be able to see anything good coming out of our current circumstances, but His vision is beyond ours.   He loves us so much that He gave His Son. (Jn. 3:16)  Can’t get any more passionate than that.

Start looking for your happy meal.