About twenty-five years ago, I walked into the Christian bookstore with my mom and bought my first “contemporary” Christian cassette tape. “He Holds the Keys” by Steve Green. The beauty of the music was wonderful in orchestration and the clarity of Steve’s voice was incredible. This cassette opened a channel of music that I hadn’t known before and I’m so thankful that my mom played it in the car as we travelled.

Last night I was afforded the privilege to attend a concert at my church, featuring Steve Green and Larnelle Harris. Two powerful voices and two faithful testimonies, both completely about the love of Christ and sharing the gospel. I was further given the privilege of singing in the background choir for Larnelle. How fun was that! My favorite solo piece Larnelle sang was I Corinthians 13. What a gorgeous song! When he finished, he said, “I love that song because you can’t argue with the lyrics.” So true; God’s Word is beyond powerful.

Steve Green performed some of my favorites from the music I listened to as a teenager. “We Believe.” “God and God Alone.” “People Need the Lord.” He was so careful to give thanks for everyone who assists him, his wife, brother, his pianist and drummer. After all these years of faithfully serving the Lord through Christian music, I believe his humility is why God uses him faithfully to lift the hearts of Christians and point souls to Christ.

This may seem a strange note to end on (no pun intended), but truly my favorite part of the evening was not the concert. It was the privilege of serving the pre-dinner concert to the performers and their staff. I loved the opportunity to be a small part in the team who prepared a little haven in the coffee shop area of our church, where we served a delightful dinner and provided a relaxing atmosphere for restoration. What an honor to serve in this manner! A combination of Mary/Martha worlds. Thanks to Pastor Lowe for the opportunity!

It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.