As part of the Booksneeze program at Thomas Nelson Publishers, I chose to read “Jane Austen” by Peter Leithart from the Christian Encounter series.

Since I typically read spiritual growth books, this book was not a standard choice for me. As a former secondary level teacher who loves grammar and is only slightly fond of literature, I found myself desiring to rekindle some distant memories of Pride and Prejudice.

The book is a quick read at 153 pages. Jane Austen held a familial literary background, as her father owned a vast library and her mother encouraged her to go beyond the standard social expectations of the century. Jane possessed an extreme amount of determination. Her writing accomplishments include six completed novels (including Pride and Prejudice), as well as other incomplete novels and various juvenile works.

The purpose of this series of biographies, the Christian Encounter series, published by Thomas Nelson seems to be to reveal the true Christian character of individual lives of people who affected the Church throughout the centuries. I enjoyed refreshing my memory of an author I studied years ago, but found myself searching for details on Jane’s personal relationship with Christ.Still a wonderful way to renew knowledge on history previously learned.