Ok, confession is good for the soul and I’m confessin’. I’m a hillbilly. My husband jokingly calls me one and I don’t even get mad, because well, it’s true. I love food and cooking. I watch the Food Network while running on the treadmill; how warped is that! So, when I saw this book on the Booksneeze book club, I knew it was for me.

Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey are the authors of this book of grub. The syndicated Rick & Bubba Show is heard on more than 60 radio stations. This book is a hodge-podge information book, with a few recipes at the end. The humor might not be understood if you aren’t a foodie or country girl like me, but many of the tips can be applied if you are willing to be flexible. One of my favorite lists in the book is “the official list of interesting Food Fairs and Festivals.” The first festival listed in the book is the “Annual West Virginia Road Kill Cook-Off.” I was so pleasantly surprised to find that this event listed as it is held in Marlinton, WV, the next little town over the mountain from where I grew up. How cool is that!

If you need a good laugh and enjoy the country life, this book is a terrific easy read.

“The fat is the Lord’s…” Leviticus 3:16