Matt and I had a weekend in Nashville at the Country Music Half Marathon that was fabulous! We had a ton of fun, finished the race before the rain appeared, and loved celebrating Taylor. Our friends, Aaron and Heather Conrad, were tremendous supporters and encouragers for which we are so thankful. Also, Dave Schroeder and his wonderful wife, Brooke, took us in their home as if we were long-time friends. The entire weekend was a blast (we had the opportunity to attend Crosspoint Church and meet Pete Wilson… but I’ll save that for another time.) and the two of us were feeling invigorated and refreshed on many levels.

Then yesterday evening, we received a phone call from one of Taylor’s nurses who described a very disturbing scene to us. Essentially, Taylor did not properly swallow her food and was gasping for breath earlier in the evening. Our children were all afraid and began to cry because the nurse could not get the airway cleared and was forced to call 911. Taylor’s face had begun to turn purple and her body was limp. Praise the Lord that He delivered her breath and the nurse was able to hook the piece of meat with her finger and pull it out after much effort.

Reality hit both Matt and I as we attempted to calm the situation from afar. The “what if’s” were flying through our heads. I’m almost shaking as I type this entry, because of the truth that I am not in control. God is. Hang with me for the next few weeks as I share some awesome lessons I’ve been learning.

In the mean time, I needed this video reminder from two years ago about what Taylor’s life is all about.