Yesterday Senate Resolution 530 was passed, which calls for May 15th to be National MPS Awareness Day.  This coincides with other countries and I am excited to bring light to the first International MPS Awareness Day!

If you’ve never read my blog before, then what is MPS? Click here to find out.

If you know what MPS is, then you probably know that our sweet Taylor girl, who is 13, was diagnosed with this rare disorder at age 4.   Words cannot adequately express all the emotions that come with a day of this significance.  We do not know how long Taylor has to live; it could be weeks, months or years.  But we have learned a few things along this path of life that I just wanted to share:

1. None of us know how long we have to live; this is the reason we must live every day to the fullest potential.

2. Any achievement is a great achievement.  Celebrate life.

3. We are not in control; God is.  Maybe you are thinking, “If there really is a God of love, then why is there such a disease as MPS?”  I have no pat answer for that.  But I am 100% sure that God loves Taylor and is working the best plan for her life.   I highly recommend a book by Pete Wilson, “Plan B” to assist you in thinking through the process of how God works in our lives through tragic circumstances.

God has richly blessed Taylor and us; we are thankful to be members of the National MPS Society and we are confident of their work for MPS through research, advocacy and awareness.  Donations can be made to the National MPS Society online if you click here.

While making a donation is great, it is my biggest prayer that through Taylor having MPS, people would come to know Christ as their Savior and God would be glorified through our lives.

How can I pray for you?