“Friendship for Grownups” is such an applicable book for today’s Christian women.  The busyness of life, parenting, and often career juggling makes it hard to develop strong friendships.  Lisa Whelchel takes the approach from her personal experience of friendship, drawing from her teen experience growing up on “The Facts of Life” tv show, as well as her experience through motherhood and marriage.  Her presentation of the priority of having a personal relationship with Jesus reveals that He is the best Friend a girl could ever have.  Lisa further explains the value of friendships and details how to form lasting relationships that move beyond the average social acquaintance.  Her personal examples of her own life of friendships are wonderful lessons from which to learn.

“Friendship for Grownups” was uplifting and challenging.  The first few chapters were a little tough for me to continue reading, but the persistence paid off  in great dividends of social revelation.   My appreciation for the great friends I have grew as a result of this book.  I also recognized some social interaction habits I’ve developed and how important it is to establish a correct mindset for adult friendships.  I love the “tools” at the end of the book that are so practical in all relationships! Definitely a great book for women, and especially mothers.

How would you like to change your current friendships?