Recently I saw a question posed from Sami Cone: “How  do you as a mom transition from school to summer?”  My answer was: “Very carefully.”

I asked my hair stylist just last week to leave a couple gray hairs so that I would have something to pull out that first week school is out.

Seriously, I love having my children home from school and I truly enjoy summertime.  While we participate in the summer reading club at the library, I am so glad that we don’t have to meet homework deadlines and stress over projects!

On the other hand, being responsible for five children all day and  night without breaks, making all meals, providing all recreation, scheduling the fun and yet keeping up with the laundry….(gasp) well, it’s work.  And a huge balancing act.  In other words, I would make a horrible home school mom. 🙂

So. With all the honesty up front, here are seven tips for summer sanity:

1. Prepare the first aid kit.  Either buy one or put the items together in a bag and leave it in the car/van for those boos-boos that are more than likely to occur.   Keep one for the house; first floor bathroom is the ideal storage for it.

2. Lower your housecleaning expectations.  If the house gets a little more dirty than usual, you, the mom, are probably the only one who will notice. Give yourself a break and don’t sweat an extra crumb or two on the floor.

3. Keep hand sanitizer handy: in your purse, the diaper bag, pool bag, glove compartment.  Use it when you can  in place of bathroom trips.

4. Buy bulk paper plates, napkins, cups, and plasticware.  If you are budgeting, purchase just the plates and napkins.  Use them for dinner when you need a break from those never-ending chores.  Use them for quick picnics at the park or pool.

5. Enjoy the moments.  They will not last long; savor the time and have fun with your children.  Write “Enjoy the moments” on a card for  your frig or kitchen window to keep this thought in the forefront of your mind; especially when sibling rivalry breaks out.

6. Save some time for yourself. A few minutes of recovery can go a long way; longer is truly freeing!

7. Keep in close communication with your heavenly Father through the Word and prayer.  This is the best sanity tip I know!

I know you’ve got the tricks of the trade, readers.  Help me out; I need more tips!

How do you as a mom make the transition from school to summer?