All Christians have a comfort zone.  Whether we realize or not, we have these certain areas we are “called” to serve in.  We’ve been “gifted” a particular way, and God does that!  But…. truthfully, we use that so many times as a limit on how far we will allow God to work in our lives.  If an opportunity arises that is “outside of our comfort zone,” then we bypass.

There is always someone better to do the job.

Someone more equipped.

Someone more knowledgeable.

Someone who looks like they fit the part.

Someone whose parents possess that quality.

Someone who is at that particular life stage.

Does it matter that the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts about doing it?  Does it matter that God put the idea in our minds to pursue?

Mark your calendars, ladies! We’re exploring Bible characters who took the leap of faith and went outside the zone.  Comfort was no longer comfortable when faith stepped in.

Thursdays, 8 pm

June 10- Introduction Week

June 24- Outside the Zone of Appearance: David

July 8-    Outside the Zone of Appeal: Moses, Part I

July 15-  Outside the Zone of Ability: Moses, Part II

July 22- Outside the Zone of Ancestry:Gideon

July 29- Outside the Zone of  Adversity: Noah

Aug. 5-   Outside the Zone of Age: Sarah

Aug. 12- Review and Fun! Jeni’s ! Need I say more.