Every July for the last seven years, our family has graced the grounds of King’s Island amusement park, courtesy of A Kid Again. We’ve experienced thunderstorms, lost shoes and sippy cups, and all in all, made tons of memories over the years. And this year was no different, other than the near 100 degree weather. Whewww!

So how did we beat the heat?

1. Spray bottles for quick bursts of cooling, especially for sweet baby Tarah and the ill one, Taylor.

2. 3 cans of diet pepsi, 3 cans of diet sierra mist, 8 bottles of water, 10 Caprisun.  We still had to make some late night drink purchases, but it wasn’t so bad!

3. We arrived at the park at lunch time, ate, and then hit the waterpark for the worst part of the heat.  Around 4pm, we braved the heat and hit the rides.  First one was indoor and had AC! Strategic for sure.

4. Multiple sunscreen applications.

5. The entire day, this praying Mama requested grace and mercy from the Throne of Heaven. No joke.

A fun and memorable day was experienced by all, even through the 10pm fireworks!

How do you beat the heat?

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