My last post seems like ages ago. So much can happen in just a few days. But here I am, once again looking back at an event I anticipate throughout the year, a gathering of as many dear families that I can reach who meet the qualifying condition: “The 7th Annual Ohio MPS Gathering.”

Oh, the qualifier has nothing to do with wealth, status, fame or intellect. The condition to be met isn’t one any of us ever desired. Nope, not one person in the group said: “Yep, I think I’d really love to have a child with a rare disease. In fact, the rarer, the better. After all, it is so much fun to go in medical offices and educate those who should know more than I on my child’s disease of MPS. Ones that tell us, “I read of that in a book back in med school, but I’ve never actually seen a patient.”

And that is just the beginning of the “different” life that the people gathered in this picture lead.

But you don’t hear complaints. For this particular day, everyone is so happy. The kids have an enormous amount of fun together. The parents smile more than they ordinarily do. In fact, they laugh and cry more in one day than seems possible. After all, there is someone who understands what they are going through. And having someone else who understands your family’s trial and daily battles is

Invaluable. Unbelievable. Priceless.

So what is it about such a party?

While the Chicfila was awesome and the Canine for Companions dogs made lots of little eyes sparkle…

While the silly puppet show got some laughs and the guessing games were just plain ol’ fun…

While the “Down on the Farm” theme had folks in bibs and even one dear lady who made a pig cake and dressed to match…

While the hula hoop contest and the “who came the farthest” game brought on the competitive smiles…

the real key?

Galations 6:2- Bear each others’ burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

It may see like a deja vu, but…

we all need somebody




Many thanks to the Cochenour/Pryor, Grant, VonHandorf, Kremmer, White, Gibson, Lukondi, Hickman/Tarvin, Hogan, Slavik and Muller families for sharing each other’s burdens and giving me the privilege of loving on your precious children for a day.

Special thanks to my dear friends, Aaron and Heather Conrad, and their sweet family for serving the families so graciously in various ways.

Extraordinary thanks to my dear husband, Matt, who rarely objects to my wild ideas and who has a heart bigger than the moon.

Thanks be to God for my dear Taylor and MPS; for without MPS, I would not have the tremendous privilege to attempt to show His love to these incredible families and without Taylor, I would not have the opportunity to see how brightly the stars truly shine.