Yesterday I ran a quick errand with just my sweet baby Tarah. I say “just” because, well, all summer, there have been no “quick” errands. With six kids, the pool, the zoo, the library, the trips to grandparents…nothing has been quick.

And over the summer, nothing has been super clean either. I mean, yes, surface clean, but when the front closet vomits every time you open the door, then things are definitely in full summer swing.

So with school back in session, two gentlemen I know saw me at the store on the “quick” errand. And the one said, “Just one child?” And the older one said, “Catching your second wind?” I laughed and said, “Yes, I think we are. I’m in summer damage repair mode. Yesterday I straightened three cabinets and today, we’re going for a closet.” Our little discussion continued with how crazy the summer gets with everyone home and busy. Then one man said:

I don’t remember what our closets looked like growing up, but I remember the time our parents spent with us.   The places we went and the things we did together.”

And so there was my G0d-given lesson for the day.  Because I had been scolding myself the last few days for letting things get so “bad.”  Unorganized. Semi-functioning.

But this man is right.  What I chose to do all summer by putting my kids at the top of the priority list, making memories and having fun, THAT was important.   THAT is what they will remember.  So now we enter a different season.  One where I can get the closets back in order and for a time, feel that all is right with the world.  However…

we will look back and smile at all the pictures and memories from summer.

And we just might skip the closets for another week and head over to the pool this weekend.