This week’s Women of Faith devotional by Nicole Johnson discusses the way humans are fearfully and wonderfully made…and that God loves us just as we are.   I love what Nicole says, “God formed you and said ‘This is good.'” So just why is it so hard to digest that?  The “Talk Back” section encourages us to answer the question:

Do you struggle with the way you look? Why do you think that is?

Hmmmm. Well we just had to go and open up that can of worms, didn’t we.   I think from the first time I heard, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”  and Snow White was chosen instead of Cinderella, my ugly side reared its head and said, “Well, goodness, what does that ivory-skinned, ruby red lips chick have over the blonde?”

Honestly?  Yes.  I do struggle with the way I look. For multiple reasons and I wish I could say they are all godly reasons, but the truth is: the world constantly tells me I should look a certain way.  And I just get the idea in my head that I should look that way.

I know: God looks on the heart.  And I praise Him desperately for that.  Because the outside of this ol’ flesh ain’t so pretty.

When the makeup is washed off,

and the wrinkles are showing…

When the hair is frizzy,

and the roots are glowing…

When the pimples are plenty,

and the fat cells aren’t slowing…

God LOVES me.

But just as  disclaimer, man still does look on the outward appearance.  So while God loves me, I think someone might be distracted by a huge pimple on my nose while I’m trying to tell them about Jesus.  God loves beauty and wants that hidden man of the heart to shine, but this doesn’t mean we can let the outer image go to pot in the mean time.  Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to care for them in a sacred manner.

So, this leaves us with that difficult balancing act of taking care of both the inner man of the heart and its humble exterior.  Sort of like keeping the car well-oiled and mechanically functioning smoothly, but not allowing it to rust out either.

Luke 2:52 tells us the way Jesus did it:

Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man.

There’s the pattern. Mentally, physically, spiritually, socially.

Here’s to learning to allow the Mirror of the Word to be our beauty guide.
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