On Friday, friends and family joined together to celebrate our daughter, Taylor’s,  fourteenth birthday!  This was a great milestone, as the average life span for Taylor’s disease is ten to fifteen years.  We owe a huge thank you to two very special companies!

Icing Smiles! A program for terminally ill children about which my friend, Kathy, told me.   They coordinate birthday cake services by professionals for children with life-threatening illnesses.  What a wonderful service!  Click here for their information: Icing Smiles.

At the last moment, I put a request in to Icing Smiles for Taylor’s cake, explaining to them:

We received her (Taylor’s) diagnosis in 2001 and took Taylor on a Make A  Wish trip in Aug. 2002.  The average life span for Taylor’s disease is 10-15 years and she is going to be 14 on Sept. 21!!  The amazing part is: she can still eat cake.  Many of her MPS friends her age can no longer swallow and are on feeding tubes.  But God has worked miracles and she is defying the odds.

So through Icing Smiles, our family was connected with a wonderful Columbus baker, Kara’s Custom Cakes. Kara graciously poured hours of time into a dream cake for Taylor, who loves “Hello Kitty!” and really loves the movie “The Parent Trap.”  Kara creatively used both ideas in creating Taylor’s cake and incorporated items that she didn’t even know would be meaningful to both us and Taylor.  Taylor spent many hours of fun in a cute little recliner, kicked back, watching her favorite movie…and, eating popcorn!  Kara added a little popcorn to the side of Hello Kitty’s chair.

Taylor enjoyed eating the rice krispy treats and the wonderful chocolate cake, as did everyone else as the party!

Thank you Icing Smiles and Kara’s Custom Cakes! We appreciate your wonderful services!!