Many times we talk about people and things we are thankful for as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches. God has blessed me so much that I often make short lists just to remind myself of His blessings just for that day!

But for the next several weeks, I felt the Lord impressing on my heart to write a series of blog posts featuring people who deserve honor but who probably don’t receive nearly enough of it.  People who serve with hearts of gold and pure intentions.  People who just want to be used of God.


I met Jack and Betty Willer almost eleven years ago when I moved to Columbus, OH.  My husband,Matt, spoke highly of Mr. Willer, especially his  intelligence and wisdom coupled together.  While I’ve only known Jack as a retiree,   his experience in the military and his influence as  a high school teacher speak highly of his character to say the least.

During ladies’ Bible studies held weekly at church, Jack volunteers to work in child care, bringing boxes of “vintage” Fisher Price toys that the children don’t regularly see.  The children just love the treasures he brings in and when my own children were in his classes, they anticipated every week what “new-old” toy Mr. Willer was going to bring.

In March of this year, a conference for mothers of children with special needs was on the agenda at church.  Jack was one of the very first volunteers to sign up.  His willing attitude is one of the first things you would notice about him.

The theme for Vacation Bible School this year was “Gold Rush” and Mr. Willer’s excitement was passed on through his love for train sets.   Here he is in his VBS shirt; he has worked with serving snacks to the hundreds of children each day that passed through his line each summer for years.  To add to the joy of this year, he brought in one of his personal train sets, complete with smoke and whistles! None of the kids wanted to leave VBS; they just stood and stared.  I was quite enamored myself.

I am aware of a situation in the last year when Jack drove a half hour across the city to help a missionary’s daughter with her car problems, besides working on the car and solving the issues.

Jack and Betty Willer have an undeniable love and commitment for each other.  Just a few weeks ago, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  They are an incredible couple, standing firm through the test of time out of love for their Lord and Savior, and continually exhibiting their sweet spirits.

Happy 84th Birthday this Saturday, Mr. Willer!  I hope that in some small way you feel honored, because you certainly are overdue.  Many blessings to you and Betty.