Since October 2009, I have been taking a more serious look at our grocery costs.  Feeding a family of seven every meal is no easy task. Especially with eight when the sweet college girl is home, and baby #7 on the way.  My mom and dad fed nine children more than successfully over my years growing up.  And they had private school bills, orthodontia, and the list goes on.  Needless to say, my mom took her job seriously and I learned early on the economics of grocery shopping.

But…over the years, I had forsaken some of her frugal ways in exchange for convenience, especially when I worked outside the home for those ten or so years.  So, I said all that to say:

You need to buy the book “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half” by Steve and Ann Economides and READ it.  Then put it to practice.

This book refreshed my memory on many of the home processes that my own mom and dad implemented, as well as prompting me to try some new ideas.  No matter your current grocery shopping plan or non-existent plan, there are ideas for every shopper.  And just implementing one or two at a time provides the mindset you need to begin saving money over time.   The biggest reminder for me in this book is that preparation in advance is key to saving time and money.  In our busy world of church, piano lessons, work, school, sports, etc., it is so easy to forget to prepare, then as a last minute resort, stop for fast food, pizza or some less-than-desirable and unhealthy choice.  Home-cooked meals are essential to true family life and chapter eight in this book centers on the valuable point of “Building a Stronger Family at the Table.”

There are some suggestions in the book that are not options for our family due to space constraints or my own ideas of freshness, but even with those differences, you will receive an education in true home economics.

If you need further encouragement, my grocery bill on this past Tuesday was $186.10 but I paid $106.38!!

Thanks to Jason Jones at Thomas Nelson Publishing for the book.  Watch this Good Morning America clip for awesome suggestions in a nutshell!