My third grader is working on cursive handwriting. And hates every minute of it.  But for me, there is something so special about handwritten notes.  I’m afraid handwritten notes are quickly becoming an indulgence of yesterdays. Have we forgotten the beauty of handwritten notes and letters?

And I’m not talking about the “Did you remember to mail the taxes, Dear?” kind of note.  No…more like the “I like you. Do you like me? Check one.” Or better yet, “I like you, even if you don’t like me.”

I miss my mom all the time, even after her heavenly homegoing almost 11 years ago, but for some reason I miss her even more when I’m pregnant. Call it hormones, whatever you want…but anything tangible that reminds me of her brings tremendous comfort to my soul.

So today I give to you: just a note. It didn’t bring the house to its feet when initially read on receipt.  No Academy Award. No certificate from the Oval Office. No Nobel Peace Prize. But its impact stands the test of years. About 20 of them.  And the ripple effect it will have today is beyond priceless.

My dear Rachel,

I miss you.  Your sweet smile and piano playing is also missed. Also your jokes.

Your two sisters are driving me crazy.

Hope this finds you happy and in God’s will.  May God bless you abundantly.



I miss you too, Mom.   Hopefully my jokes will have improved greatly when I see you again.  Can’t wait ’til then.

Do you need to write a little note to someone special today? Don’t miss your opportunity.