A Groucho Marx classic, two of my kiddos recently chose a prize of disguise from the dentist’s treasure box.

My kindergartener fell in love with the prize. So much so, that he decided to sleep with it.  Not unusual for him, but Daddy caught him, sleeping incognito.

The next morning, I asked him why he slept with the glasses on.  He said:

I didn’t want anyone to recognize me.

So even though you were in your own house, own room, own bed, and sleeping in your own pajamas, this little pair of glasses was supposed to hide you?

Once again, the Heavenly Father spoke to me through my little man’s actions.

Funny, huh? You do it too.  You forget to bring your sin before me.  You fail to remember that I am relentlessly pursuing a relationship with you.

Be real.

Come into my presence and release your burden.

So even though you are in your own house, own room, own bed, and own skin, we get to have fellowship together. Without pretense. Without concern of your appearance.

Because when I look at your sins, I see the blood of my Son. They are covered, dear child.

And I just want you to take off the mask.