Today I feel like I’m losing my right arm.  It’s Miss Mandy’s last day working for us to help care for our family.  She is getting married in a few weeks.   Here’s a re-post from last fall on what she means to us:

For the last few weeks, each Thursday the Lord has directed me to post about someone in my life that makes a difference through their daily decisions.  When I think about what the three individuals I’ve written about so far, the one thing they have in common is a servant’s heart.  This week, I’m writing about such a person.  Someone very close to me because of her servant’s heart.  This girl will probably be the closest she’s ever been to flat-out hating me when she learns that I have written about her…simply because she never likes to be in the limelight.  She enjoys serving others in so many ways and it comes very naturally to her.

Amanda Holt is more like a sister to me than anything.  A little less than nine years ago, Amanda was about 14 yrs. old when I asked her mom if she could start babysitting for our family.  At the time, Michael, my now 8 yr. old, was just a baby.  So  “Miss Mandy” entered our little world of bottles, diapers, and routine.  As our family increased, so did Miss Mandy’s time with us.  For several years, she watched our young children and grew with our family.  Before I knew it, she was caring for three of our children, at the time, ages 4, 2, and infant whenever my husband and I went out to dinner or a special event.

Mandy’s love for children is obvious.  She is patient and kind to everyone.  I can’t remember a time that she has ever complained about a problem.  And trust me, there have been plenty of things she could have complained about!  Our tardiness, our children’s behavior, circumstances beyond our control, and the list goes on.

For the last three years, Amanda has primarily cared for Taylor, our sweet disabled daughter who is now 14 and has MPSIIIB, as a certified county provider.  MPS causes Taylor to be completely reliant on total physical assistance.  Miss Mandy has spent countless hours with Taylor over the past three years and can read her like a book.  She feeds her, showers her, cares for her every physical need, and then some.

Being a part of a large family is not for the faint of heart.  With six children total now, and one on the way, Miss Mandy goes above and beyond her duties multiple times over in assisting me to care for my family in the best possible way.  Her helpful ways and willing spirit are such an example of maturity.  Mandy is such a part of my daily routine that I take her for granted quite often.   When she is gone, I have to talk so much more, because she understands what is needed without my request.  We have a special understanding of each other that loves and accepts with very few necessary words.

Thanks, “Miss Mandy”, for all you do each and every day.  You are a very special young woman and Jason is so blessed to have found you!

Matthew 10:42

“And whoever gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.”