“Beautifully Gifted” by Angela Bisignano is a book that will assist you as a woman to discover God’s calling for your life.  Every created being has a role in God’s sovereign plan; this book is designed to help you find the reason for your existence, God’s plan for your unique gifts, passion and life experiences.  The author also seeks to outline the process of living out God’s high calling for your life.

Angela Bisignano has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MS in Ministry.  She is completely qualified to outline the truths in this book directed to women, as she has been teaching, mentoring, and counseling for the last fifteen years.  When God began his story of you by redeeming your soul, His desire is for that relationship with Him to grow and thrive into an intimate and passionate life.    “Beautifully Gifted” is divided into three processes.  The first is titled “The Inquiry” and is the beginning of how to view and comprehend your role as a woman in God’s eyes.  The second  is “The Discovery Process,” which is learning the importance of finding your identity in Christ.  The third is “The Application Process” and this section served as the most interesting to me.  This division assists you in understanding how to apply what you know and in the process of that application, discover more about your own set of talents God has given to you.

I would encourage any woman seeking to understand how God wants to use her life to read this book.  It is both challenging and inspiring.  My favorite asset of the book is the prayer at the end of each chapter.  This summary prayer captures the essence of the chapter and greatly encourages confirmation of that knowledge.  The prayer provides a source of understanding and catapults the principles learned through the chapter.