There is no sound as precious as that of the first musical instrument your child plays.


The recorder is not well known for its melodious bliss.  Face it, for those of us who first learned “Hot Cross Buns” on the sweet plastic of the recorder, it was definitely not a career make-it-or-break-it endeavor.

And yet, while cleaning the summer “aftermath” yesterday (a month long process at least), I came across my son’s recorder and actually anticipated the time he would come home from school and find it on his bed.

As I sat on the couch last night being serenaded by the delicate whistle of plastic solos, Michael played and soon, he had a convert!

Little 2 yr. old Tarah went to her toy box and began to throw out every toy, digging around until she found exactly what she was looking for:

a whistle and a play flute. 

Grasping them tightly, she returned to her place beside Michael and began to blow with all her might.

She is indeed a Little. Copy. Cat.

And God brought her to my attention.

 He spoke to my heart and said:

There’s a lesson here.   Sometimes you think being a Christian is just so difficult.

 You complicate matters.

Have a big rule book.  

Outline a regimen.

That’s not what I’m looking for.  

When you read about how I loved others, think you could just show that same love?

When you see examples of mercy in My Word, could you just reflect that mercy and pass it on?

Acts 11:26  

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

The word “Christian” literally means

little Christ.

Think you could be like Tarah and just be a little copy cat?