Matt Goes To Malawi

Maybe I’m warped, but that title sounds like an episode of Curious George, doesn’t it?

Thanks for clicking on the link that led you to this page.

My awesome husband, Matt Wojnarowski, is headed to Malawi, Africa for a missions trip, Feb. 20 – March 1, 2012.  This trip will include using at least two of his superman talents. I lie not.

Matt is a certified nurse practitioner with over 22 years of medical experience.  His vast knowledge and versatile skill set in the medical field blesses our lives as he provides for our family.

He also has an incredible voice (hey, I’m his wife, it’s my blog, I’ll write what I want…;) ) But he really does.  I love to hear him sing.  For one, it brings me closer to Jesus. And two?  His voice is just incredible to listen to.  The smoothness of his tone is endearing.

So I said all that about him to let you know that our family is sharing the Daddy of the house with a whole slew of kids who have no daddies.  Or mommies.  Or often, no one older to live with at all.

The Passion Center for Children in Malawi, Africa serves children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Malawi. They seek to rescue those children at greatest risk, providing food, comfort, medical care, and a safe place to live in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Ability is of little account without opportunity.” Napoleon Bonaparte

I personally can think of no one I’d rather receive these things from than my husband and I know my children are in total agreement!  So Matt goes to Malawi…

by faith.

1. We ask you to pray for Matt as he goes. That the trip would be exactly as God would have it. The dates are February 20- March 2, 2012.

2. We ask you to pray for our family at home while he is gone.  The void he will leave here while following God’s will there can be filled by none other than Jesus.

3. We ask you to consider financially supporting Matt on this trip. To do that, simply email mattmalawi at gmail dot com.  You will receive a same day response with payment options.  All funds must be raised by Feb. 1, 2012 and the cost for the trip is $2,667.

Thanks for reading! We covet your prayers.

Matthew 19:26 “With God, all things are possible.”


2 thoughts on “Matt Goes To Malawi”

  1. Well Rachel, I don’t know about Matt’s medical skills, but I’m here to tell you that any song he has ever sung solo in church, it’s his voice I hear when I hear the song sung by anyone else. You are so right about his voice. What a blessing he will be to those children in Malawi and they will see God through him.

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